App Review Rubric

In order to asses education apps fairly I need to use a standardized rubric to rate each app. Once I’ve rated apps and found their pros and cons it will be easier to compare apps. This will help me come up with a list of features that work well, as well as an idea of what kinds of designs to avoid. This rubric rates areas related to education and app design with each rating being out of five.


  • Subject: What is the topic of the app? What can you learn from it?
  • Skills learned: What skills does the app teach?
  • Languages: Which languages are taught?
  • Audience: For whom is this app appropriate? What age groups? Learners of which subjects?
  • Social features: Does the app have a social network or connections to Facebook, Twitter, etc?
  • Platform: Is it for iPhone, iPad, Android, web, etc?
  • Pricing: What is the price for the app and/or in-app purchases?


  • Pros: Best features of the app
  • Cons: Features that don't work very well


  • User interface: How attractive are the layout and aesthetics of the app? Is it easy to navigate the menus? Is the app responsive and easy to use?
  • User experience: This rates how fun and engaging the app is. Games and interactivity can lead to a better user experience.
  • Learning: How much can be learned from an app, given the amount of time spent on the app? This rating depends on the type of app and reflects how easy it is to learn the subject matter. For instance a language app should teach the basics of a language, whereas a vocabulary app might help a user memorize a certain set of words.
  • Motivation: Does the app encourage users to keep playing and improving? This can be done with a scoring system that motivates a user to increase his or her score. Advanced levels can also motivate a user to keep going.
  • Feedback: Letting the users know what they are doing right or wrong is helpful for improving their skills. Feedback needs to be provided at the right point in the app, so it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the app. Providing too much feedback may also be discouraging.

Ben Meline

I'm a student at Northwestern University majoring in computer engineering and minoring in German. I'm interested in studying the usage of mobile applications for learning.