Phrasal Verbs Machine Review


  • Subject: Second language learning
  • Skills learned: Vocabulary, grammar
  • Languages: English
  • Audience: People who want to learn English phrasal verbs
  • Social features: None
  • Platform: iPad, Android
  • Pricing: Free


  • Pros: Very simple and targeted at a specific skill, great animations
  • Cons: Not very fun to use, no scoring system, some animations aren’t very good illustrations of phrasal verbs


  • User interface: 4/5. The app has a large, simple to use interface and good use of color and animations. There are only a few menus and it’s well labeled, so it’s easy to navigate.
  • User experience: 3/5. You can review phrasal verbs and animations and then do a quiz. It’s very simple and not too exciting because it gets repetitive. The animations are interesting, but sometimes hard to understand.
  • Learning: 4/5. In the review section you see the definition of a phrasal verb, an example in a sentence and an animated representation. This is how you learn the phrasal verbs. To test yourself you do a quiz where you match the animation with the correct phrasal verb. You should learn by memorizing the animation that goes with the phrasal verb.
  • Motivation: 2/5. In quizzes you want to minimize the number of questions you get wrong. Other than that, there’s no incentive to improve. It only tracks attempts and errors. There’s no real scoring system.
  • Feedback: 2/5. It only tells you if you get an answer right or wrong. If you got the wrong answer it tells you what the right answer is.

Ben Meline

I'm a student at Northwestern University majoring in computer engineering and minoring in German. I'm interested in studying the usage of mobile applications for learning.